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Screen Reading

Screen Reading by Aleah Fedorciw Reading is a skill that is valued in many cultures. Literacy has long been viewed as a trait of higher education, a valued ability. However, what exactly is literacy? According to Oxford’s dictionary, it is “the ability to read and write”. Thinking about it, these tasks may not seem to … Continue reading

Ironclad promise to support RVA education

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Kathryn Starke Email: Ironclad Coffee Roasters: “Specialty Grade” A+ An “ironclad” promise to provide delicious coffee and community impact  Ryan O’Rourke, founder of Ironclad Coffee Roasters, opened Richmond’s specialty grade coffee shop earlier this year.  In addition to providing a unique coffee experience to customers, he also gathers locals together for … Continue reading

Tackle Reading with Teespring!

Here is just a sample of authors, coaches, football fans, and teachers who have joined our team to tackle reading! Every shirt purchased gives the gift of reading to a child. Visit this October to purchase your shirt! (Available in multiple sizes and colors for men and women) Continue reading

Literacy GO!

A web-based scavenger hunt for teachers in all thing literacy education! I was in a literacy department meeting this week, and a colleague jokingly said she needed 8 more hours each day to get work done. Time is definitely something that can’t be changed, but as a society of educators, we should maximize our time … Continue reading

Facebook Relationships in Education

Ever since the first day I got an elementary school teaching job, I’ve spent each day growing, learning, and expanding my work  to motivate children, support parents, and inspire fellow teachers to love literacy at home and in school. What’s incredible is when you’re just living out your passion and others reach out to you … Continue reading