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Habits and Attitudes by Lance Casazza and 52 Amazing Individuals

52 people… 260 habits… Hundreds of attitudes … all coming from some of the most extraordinary people you would ever want to meet. In this highly inspirational and motivational book you will read about people from all walks of life whose habits and attitudes will move you. Then each person leaves you with something profound his or her parting shot. Kathryn Starke is one of the amazing individuals  you will read about.


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50 Marketing Secrets of Successful Women (Volume 1) by Teena Hughes

Women all over the world are starting their own businesses, which is a truly remarkable thing! Their passion for their product or service is there in abundance, but sometimes it’s harder to get the message out than they originally thought, and “marketing” sounds too hard to achieve. Kathryn Starke is one of the women featured in this book.

The Best Part of My Day: A Healing Journal for Chronically Ill Patients by Sharon E. Rainey

With this journal, you can quickly and easily meditate on and take note of the little things throughout the day that add up to a life of grace and joy. 365 inspirational quotes are a part of each day from inspiring authors including Kathryn Starke among historical leaders, makers, celebrities, and writers from the past and present.


So You Want to Write a Children’s Book: A Step by Step Guide to Writing and Publishing for Kids by Rebekah Sack

Top publishers and writers in the industry, including Kathryn Starke and her educational company, Creative Minds Publications, LLC,  have lent their expertise to this book to provide an overview of everything that is needed in the process.


50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading
by Don McCauley & Danielle Hampson

Kathryn Starke is featured in the 2012-2013 “50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading” book that The Authors Show compiled featuring the best guests who have appeared on its online radio and TV versions of the show in 2012.


Disciplinary Literacy Connections to Popular Culture in K-12 Settings, Buena Vista University

Chapter 16: How Pop Culture Increases Student Engagement and Reading Comprehension by Kathryn Starke

In this chapter, teachers will learn the importance of tapping into a child’s prior experiences or background knowledge to help students gain the full understanding of a topic or subject matter. These practices help teachers recognize the background knowledge a student has on a subject matter; this information can assist them in their planning of a unit or specific learning objectives. This chapter provides elementary educators with practical ideas and a solid template or structure to help teachers brainstorm the countless ideas to weave pop culture into their instructional practices. Teachers should use these pages as a springboard to initiate the creative planning process to meet the needs of the students in their own classrooms. It is divided into sections of pop culture that are present in our 21st century society. As pop culture continues to change, teachers can use its appeal to get students excited about learning.


Disciplinary Literacy Connections to Popular Culture in K-12 Settings