Amy's Travels

Kathryn published her first children’s book, Amy’s Travels, in 2005 through her global educational company, Creative Minds Publications. Amy’s Travels, a multicultural children’s book, has been released in its second edition, has been recommended by the California State Department of Education, and is used in schools and organizations in over twenty countries on six different continents. Amy’s Travels has been selected as the book for the 2013-2013 Latina Ballet of Virginia performance. Kathryn serves as the founder/CEO of Creative Minds Publications, which exemplifies quality literacy instruction for all children.

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Tackle Reading COVER 6x9.indd

Tackle Reading is a resource that will motivate children, support parents, and inspire teachers and fellow educators to love literacy. This book contains stories written by NFL players, celebrities, and authors who are passionate about reading education. It also includes motivational pieces, lesson plans, engaging activities, and supportive tips provided by literacy leaders, educators, and organizations dedicated to improve literacy instruction for all children. The book has been selected as a must read title for all teachers.

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A Touchdown in Reading: An Educator’s Guide to Literacy Instruction reinforces the fact that every teacher is a reading teacher. This educational resource supports elementary school classroom teachers, reading teachers/coaches, and educators dedicated to creating a classroom and school that promotes literacy. It specifically touches on the background knowledge and motivation in addition to best practices in literacy to meet every child on his or her reading journey. This educator’s guide helps teachers create an effective literacy lesson at any grade level to any reading level. The book includes the knowledge and support for whole group, small group, independent practice, and distance learning.

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She has no time to date. He has no desire to date. Nevertheless, one sweet treat blends the perfect match. This contemporary romance reminds readers of the power of a variety of relationships in life. You never know what could be brewing right under your nose! Minnie Logan is the owner of Logan’s Coffee Shop a staple in a small New England town. Struggling to maintain her grandfather’s legacy and rent payments, Minnie has less than a month to creatively preserve and renew her family business. Robert Vaughan, the CFO of a giant coffee conglomerate, arrives in the small town in pursuit of a takeover of Logan’s Coffee Shop. Unbeknownst to Minnie, she falls for the mysterious newcomer while she uses the magic of love and the miracle of faith to give back to the community that has given so much to her.

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Lilly never wanted to settle, not in her education, her career, and especially not in her relationships. She observes the countless number of couples in her circle of family and friends, but she has always been unsure if marriage is for her. At thirty-one, she is convinced she has finally found the man of her dreams. But on her actual wedding day, she shares a conversation with a mysterious stranger in a hotel elevator. Suddenly, she begins to question her “happily ever after.”

An instant connection with this stranger leads her to doubt what and who she believes in. She recalls flashbacks of her courtship with fiancè Patrick and begins to wonder if she is indeed settling for the first time in her life. Lilly struggles internally with her decision and begins questioning her future. Will she marry Patrick or will she ultimately start her search for love all over again?

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