Personalized Literacy Consulting


Businesses and corporations have been hiring consultants for years to help them grow and achieve the best results. Forward thinking schools and districts around the country have also seen the benefits of hiring an educational consultant to support their teachers, teachers, and school community.

While elementary schools continue to progress by implementing effective classroom technology and national initiatives like STEAM, literacy rates in our country remain low. Over 80% of nine-year-olds living in low income areas read significantly below grade levels. We need to turn STEAM into STREAM since you can’t just do anything without reading.

Check out the 4 benefits of hiring a literacy consultant today.

  1. Get an outside perspective-Imagine an expert in literacy visiting your school, observing your teachers and students in action, and helping you identify the strengths and challenges of your reading education program. This individual can help you develop a plan to enhance your reading instruction, which will help you achieve great literacy success.
  2. Take advantage of the expertise in the building-Considering the consultant as a member of your team will build the comradery among your faculty. When your teachers see the consultant alongside them writing lesson plans, analyzing data, and teaching themselves, they will be more inclined to reach out to guest consultant for support. It truly is all hands on deck!
  3. Inquire away-If you’re fortunate enough to have a reading specialist in your building, imagine the amount of knowledge you can also gain with a literacy consultant. This person has traveled to schools across the country, seen what has worked and not worked, and is always up to date with the most recent and effective reading research. So ask away!
  4. Feel safe and supported-Independent consultants don’t work for anyone else but for you! They are not employees of your school or district or evaluators of any kind but rather motivators and mentors. You can confide in them and honestly say what works and does not work in your school. Allow them to help you solve problems and make an impact in your literacy instruction.


Meet Urban Literacy Consultant, Kathryn Starke

Kathryn Starke is a national urban literacy specialist, author, and the founder of Creative Minds Publications, LLC, a global literacy educational company. She travels across the country helping schools become a literacy success. She has helped increase reading rates between 10 and 20 percentage points in elementary schools from South Carolina up to Massachusetts and around her home state of Virginia.

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