2019 Tackle Reading Team!

Meet the Creators: Michelle Staubach Grimes, Beyond the Laces, and Kathryn Starke Team Up Again for the 2nd annual  Tackle Reading Across America Day 

This March 2, 2018, Michelle Staubach Grimes, literacy advocate and author, and Bob Salomon, the creator of Beyond the Laces, are kicking off the second annual Tackle Reading across America Day with urban literacy leader, Kathryn Starke. This special event started last year with over 20 NFL teams on board coast to coast. This March, a bigger presence of NFL athletes will be on board with some incredible partners dedicated to reading education. Grimes, Salomon, and Starke have three completely different backgrounds, different careers, and different home cities but connected over one major factor. They are all children’s authors dedicated to promote a love of literacy with a passion for football.

Michelle Grimes grew up with a love for the Dallas Cowboys since her dad is legendary Cowboys quarterback, Roger Staubach. Michelle is a literacy advocate having served as the chair for the Barbara Bush Foundation for Literacy. She is also the creator of Pidge, a new children’s book character in the book Where is Pidge? that contains images and themes related to her childhood. Her second book with Pidge releases this winter. Michelle was instrumental in bringing the Cowboys to our Tackle Reading team last year; we were honored to have her dad, Roger, representing as one of the readers.

“Connecting with like-minded individuals passionate about making a difference in education is the purpose of Creative Minds Publications, LLC,” says the company’s founder Kathryn Starke. “Bob Salomon’s Beyond the Laces closely matches our mission to promote a love of literacy with a passion for football. ” Bob Salomon has created a movement spreading kindness with some motivation from athletes along the way with his book Beyond the Laces. He has donated thousands of copies of books to schools and children’s hospitals around the country to spread their message to never give up.

Kathryn Starke is a national urban literacy specialist (former elementary school classroom teacher) and founder of Creative Minds Publications, LLC, a global reading educational company. She travels across the country helping failing schools become fully accredited in reading, often in one to two years. Her book entitled Amy’s Travels is the first children’s picture book to teach all seven continents; this book is used in schools, homes, and events in 26 countries on 6 continents. Her recent release Tackle Reading is the namesake for the March 2nd event. This educational resource provides motivational tips, supportive guidance, engaging activities, and inspiring stories for readers of all ages. Over 45 contributing writers including NFL athletes, authors, literacy leaders, celebrities, and educational organizations wrote for the book. Thanks to charitable giving and corporate sponsorship, Starke is able to give the gift of reading to families and teachers with her book and programs.

Visit:  http://www.whereispidge.com/

Visit: https://www.beyondthelaces.com

Visit: http://creativemindspublications.com/

Follow @KathrynStarke @beyondthelaces @michellesgrimes #TackleReading for updates!

Partner 1: The Book Fairy;  https://thebookfairybunch.com/

The Book Fairy and its creator Melanie Bunch have become instrumental in helping to bring the 2nd annual Tackle Reading across America Day to life this March 2nd. Melanie is a literacy advocate and leader in fundraising for sports teams and organization. She is bringing more athletes, coaches, and football teams on board to read to kids across the country in a few months. Melanie is the author and developer of a new book and product entitled The Book Fairy. She created this set to honor her cousin Dawn, heroic principal of Sandy Hook Elementary School and original book fairy. This entrepreneur started her company The Fairy Bunch,  “where the magic of reading begins” to promote her mission and literacy. The Fairy Bunch/The Book Fairy is a sponsor of Tackle Reading this year giving the gift of literacy to children in her community March 2nd. Visit the link above and follow @BookFairyBunch to be a part of the story.

Partner 2: Redd Carpet PR Group http://www.reddcarpetgroup.com       @reddcarpetgroup


Deitra Redd has quickly become my favorite public relations specialist. Her firm is responsible for bringing more NFL teams and athletes on board to Tackle Reading across America this March 2, 2018. In addition to increasing our roster of readers, she has created partnerships with school systems across the country to promote a love of literacy with a passion for football. She has secured sponsors to purchase books in order to give the gift of reading to children. Finally, she has established media connections to ensure that this special story is shared in a variety of publications and news outlets. Visit the link above and follow @ReddCarpetGroup on social media to learn how you work with her and her team on your next event.

Partner 3: The Character Club http://www.joshuapcole.com/

Dr. Joshua P. Cole and I met years ago in JG Hening Elementary School in Chesterfield County Public Schools. He was the assistant principal and I was the reading teacher; we were both new in these positions the same year. Today, Joshua is a principal in Chesterfield, the founder of A New Angle, a national presenter and speaker, and author of The Character Club. We still have the opportunity to work together since he is a contributing writer for Tackle Reading and a partner for our 2nd annual Tackle Reading Across America Day. We have also collaborated to present PD and workshops across the country in literacy and leadership. This children’s book uses superheroes to teach character education, character traits, and life lessons. You can sponsor our #TackleReading day by donating copies of The Character Club to an elementary school in your community. Visit the link above to learn more.

Partner 4: Hungry Fan   https://www.hungryfan.com/


Are you following @HungryFan on social media? It’s your “go-to guide for all things fangating and game day.” Daina Falk is the founder and CEO of Hungry Fan, an author, fangating expert, TV host, and celebrity cook. She has successfully filled the gap between sports and food and has brought her expertise to our team to #TackleReading by creating a healthy edible food stadium. Her best-selling cookbook has over 150 delicious game day recipes, including 40 collected from professional and Olympic athletes. The recipe provided below is outlined, detailed, and photographed courtesy of Hungry Fan for families and classrooms to make and enjoy on our special day, March 2nd or anytime this football or super bowl season! We are so grateful to this brand influencer and culinary expert for supporting children, nutrition, and education by helping us Tackle Reading across America enjoying a yummy treat along the way. Don’t forget to post your own food stadium to social media March 2nd using the #TackleReading @HungryFan @KathrynStarke


Tackle Reading Sponsors:

  • Henrico Education Foundation
  • Geico, DC
  • Read to Them
  • Charles Johnson Foundation, NFL athlete, Carolina Panthers
  • Brandylane Publishers
  • Custom Ink

*Buffalo-The Book Fairy (see details above)

*Philadelphia-NK Real Estate Consulting, LLC-Ne`Chelle Kennedy has spent her career in real estate as a Realtor, real estate investor, and author. She is currently the owner and chief executive operator of NK Real Estate Consulting, LLC, a company solely designed to assist aspiring and unsuccessful real estate investors with a hands on approach. Her purpose in life is to help individuals pursue their desires of wealth through real estate investment. She is especially committed to building her community, one investor at a time.

NFL Team Participants: 1st and/or 2nd annual Tackle Reading day!(*updated daily)
  • Atlanta Falcons
  • Arizona Cardinals
  • Baltimore Ravens
  • Buffalo Bills
  • Chicago Bears
  • Dallas Cowboys
  • Detroit Lions
  • Houston Texans, Wade Smith Foundation
  • Indianapolis Colts
  • Los Angeles Chargers
  • Los Angeles Rams
  • Kansas City Chiefs
  • Minnesota Vikings
  • New England Patriots
  • New Orleans Saints, Roman Harper
  • New York Jets, Victor Green
  • Philadelphia Eagles
  • San Francisco 49ers
  • Tennessee Titans
  • Washington Redskins




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