Fall into Real Reading Results-CMP Catalog

      2017-2018 Literacy Catalog

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Educational Services: We help failing schools achieve full accreditation in reading, often in 1-2 years. We motivate children, support parents, and inspire teachers and fellow educators to love literacy and learning.

For Children/Students For Teachers/Parents/Educators
Virtual Author Visit: $175.00

-includes one Amy’s Travels session

-bookmarks/autographs available

Book Fairs/Literacy Nights: $150.00-$350.00

-presentation for parents

-certain number of books included

Author Visit: $750.00

-includes two Amy’s Travels assemblies

-school book signing

Educational PD/In-service

$350.00 one hour PD

$750.00 ½ day PD/coaching

$1,000.00 full day PD/coaching

Split School Visit: $1350.00

-2 schools in same district share costs

-includes two Amy’s Travels assemblies and one book signing per school

Keynote Speaking Engagements-call for pricing

**Travel accommodations not included in pricing of these services!


March 2nd, 2018: 2nd Annual Tackle Reading Across America Day…Your Classroom or School Can Join our Team This Year!!

March 2nd is the birthday of everyone’s favorite author, Dr. Seuss. In honor of his contribution to reading, Read Across America has been a tradition in elementary schools across the country. This year, we are kicking off the second annual Tackle Reading Across America, in which over 25 NFL teams and athletes will be promoting reading for kids and elementary schools in their community.  You don’t need to have an NFL team in your city to participate. Here is how you can Tackle Reading with us March 2, 2018.

  1. Wear the apparel of your favorite NFL team.
  2. Purchase a #TackleReading shirt (teespring.com/tackle-reading) in January
  3. Invite former NFL athletes in your community to be a guest reader for the day.
  4. Invite your local high school or college football team to read books by Dr. Seuss to your elementary school classes.
  5. Set reading goals on February 2nd (Super Bowl Friday) for a month and/or March 2nd to the end of the school year (See example of football reading field below.)
  6. Complete language arts and math based football assignments throughout the day.
  7. Share your pictures/day on social media @KathrynStarke using #TackleReading
  8. Read football themed children’s books. Some examples include the following:
·         Where is Pidge?       by Michelle Staubach Grimes
·         Beyond the Laces     by Bob Salomon
·         Smitty Hits the Books   by Wade Smith (former Houston Texan)
·         The Little Linebacker by Maria Dismondy and Stephen Tulloch
·         The Magician’s Hat by Malcolm Mitchell, New England Patriots

·         Grant’s Sports Adventures by Johnny Rutledge

·         Flying High by Julian Edelman, New England Patriots

Sponsorship/Purchasing Opportunity

**This March 2nd, we want to provide more books for children to take home and/or teachers to add to each classroom. The following offer is good for any elementary school participating in Tackle Reading Across America Day or for any foundation/business/organization interested in sponsoring a local school for Tackle Reading Across America Day! Place bulk your order for one of the titles below by Friday, February 2, 2018.

Available titles for purchase:

  • Selected children’s book titles by Michelle Staubach Grimes
  • Selected children’s book titles by DM Jack
  • Beyond the Laces by Bob Salomon
  • Amy’s Travels by Kathryn Starke
  • The Character Club by Joshua Cole
  • Totally Tennis for Me by Becky Holmes
  • The Shelter Gang and Their Secret Adventure by Rich and Kathy Verlander
  • Tackle Reading written by 45 contributing writers (NFL athletes, celebrities, authors, & leaders)

*A gift of $225.00 provides a new book to 30 classrooms.

*A gift of $450.00 provides 65 books for classrooms or students in the school to take home.

*A gift of $675.00 provides 100 books for students in the school to take home.

*If your school of choice has a specific number in mind, multiply that number by $7.00 to receive the cost of the gift. Thank you in advance for support of literacy. Together, we can tackle reading!

Contact: info@creativemindspublications.com for purchasing/orders


Literacy and Leadership

Professional Development for Administrators and their Teachers

Contact us for your customized professional development.  We will tailor our resources to meet your needs and time. We are available for presentations, coaching or consulting on literacy and leadership for administrators and teachers to meet the diverse needs of your students.



Dr. Joshua Cole is an elementary school principal in Chesterfield County Public Schools, the third largest district in Virginia and among the 100 largest districts in the United States. He is author of The Character Club, a children’s book and educational resource created to promote character education and social emotional learning. He is the founder of A New Angle, a company dedicated to creating equity in education, and a contributing writer to Tackle Reading. In addition, he serves as a consultant, writer, keynote speaker, and presenter across the country focused on equity in education. His current course, Leading While White, is now available.  https://store.epoched.com/product?catalog=LWW-OE



Kathryn Starke is a national urban literacy specialist, author, and founder of Creative Minds Publications, LLC, a global literacy based educational company. She helps failing schools become fully accredited in reading, often in one to two years.  Her multicultural children’s book, Amy’s Travels, is in its second edition, third printing, and is used in schools in over 26 countries on 6 continents. Her recent release, Tackle Reading, is a resource for parents and teachers to motivate, support, and inspire readers of all ages. With the support of the NFL, she kicked off the first annual Tackle Reading Across America Day March 2nd to promote a love of literacy with a passion for football.


Contact: Joshuapcole@gmail.com or info@creativemindspublications.com for inquiries and bookings.


Tackle Reading Tip Page

  1. Model reading for your children.
  2. Take your children to the library to obtain their own library card.
  3. Visit the library or local book store on a regular basis.
  4. Read and point out environmental print (labels, signs, boxes, etc.) on outings.
  5. Read aloud to your children, no matter their age.
  6. Match books to your children’s hobbies and interests.
  7. Match books to your children’s reading levels. Ask your children’s teacher for this information.
  8. Ask your children questions before, during, and after reading.
  9. Start a neighborhood book club for kids and recommend great titles.
  10. Keep a reading journal to provide reading responses.

Free Interactive Tolerance Program with Author Linda Schubert

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