20 Innovate Ways to Help Your Child Tackle Reading

  1. Make superhero masks to wear and build confidence while reading.
  2. Locate the setting of the books you are reading on a map or globe.
  3. Prepare a snack that matches the book. (ex: green eggs and ham)
  4. Bring the book to life by going on a field trip matching the settings.
  5. Be a talk show host and write questions you would ask the characters.
  6. Create a storyboard of pictures to match a chapter book.
  7. Write a letter to the author of the book.
  8. Start a neighborhood book club with themed drinks and snacks.
  9. Toss, kick, or pass a ball while talking about what you’re reading.
  10. Read outside.
  11. Graph the genre of each book you read.
  12. Match fiction to nonfiction books on various topics.
  13. Produce a book talk video.
  14. Write a rap song summarizing the book.
  15. Dress up as your favorite character.
  16. Choose audio books for road trips.
  17. Act out the book.
  18. Read, reread, and record your reading to listen to and improve upon.
  19. Write a sequel for the book you are reading.
  20. Join our Tackle Reading team March 2nd! Stay tuned!

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