How to Have Fun Reading at Any Age

How to Have Fun Reading at Any Age

By Aleah Fedorciw

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The power of a book is amazing. Within mere moments any reader can be transported to a completely different realm and stay there for as long as they desire! (Unless the book itself ends first!) However, reading itself has a stereotype. A dangerous thing, a stereotype has the ability to shape minds, and reading isn’t always looked upon fondly. But, the question is why? How did reading gain such a boring reputation in society today?

Reading is a skill that is valued in many cultures. Literacy has long been viewed as a trait of higher education, a valued ability. However, what exactly is literacy? According to Oxford’s dictionary, it is “the ability to read and write”. Thinking about it, these tasks may not seem to be that difficult, especially as you are currently using one of those tools to understand this article! Contrary to that thought though, in 2013, the Huffington Post, stated that 14% of the adult American population couldn’t read. In a world within which everyone aims to succeed, to be the best, literacy is key, thus making its teachings a staple. Thankfully, there are also urban literacy consultants like Kathryn Starke to help teach both teachers and parents teach their children critical reading skills.

Nowadays, there are many tools that can be used in the teaching process – Leap Pads, iPhone and iPad applications are simply just a few! However, this updated technology comes at a cost; these apps are also stealing the attention in the form of a bright, shiny, new video game. The difference though, something that makes a book the perfect toy, is that there is no battery limit, and if you want the benefit of multiple books in one place, they can be stored on an iPad or Kindle, with clearer images too!

A book has no limits of where it can go like technology, and this lack of a limit carries over into the process itself! The world becomes dedicated to the reader: they can learn spells at Hogwarts, solve mysteries alongside Nancy Drew, or even enter the Hunger Games—without any risk of danger to themselves! A book provides scenarios that help everyone broaden their horizons and see different worldviews, all while being immersed in a new setting.

Books can be read in the dark with the benefit of a book light and have the benefit of not having to be turned off as a plane is taking off. Oftentimes, a book can be free of cost thanks to the beauty of libraries. By simply inputting some information, many towns and cities will grant access to the use of their resources with a beautiful library card. The power of a library can never be underestimated due to their ability to hold millions of worlds in a contained area. Reading can even make learning fun, if you want to learn about anything from mythology to the solar system to how to grow a flower, there will be a book with images alongside to aid the process!

Libraries are even spreading throughout cities with little libraries being located on street corners, were people are held accountable to returning the books that they take away. Books have the power to form bonds and there is a saying: “Whenever I see someone reading a book I love, I take it as the book recommending a person.” Books have the power to transform people and create lasting relationships. They are the best toy available as they can take you anywhere at any time and create an invincible power.

This school year, check out how helps you #TackleReading at home and in school. Reading opens doors to new opportunities, and we must ensure that all children receive the best reading instruction to achieve greatness.