Facebook Relationships in Education

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Ever since the first day I got an elementary school teaching job, I’ve spent each day growing, learning, and expanding my work  to motivate children, support parents, and inspire fellow teachers to love literacy at home and in school. What’s incredible is when you’re just living out your passion and others reach out to you for your educational opinion. I’ve been contacted by Inspire Me Today, Yahoo Parenting, and most recently by the Chicago Tribune. Social Graces is a part of the paper in which they pose a question to experts and here was the question asked of me. I wanted to share my personal response for you this back-to-school season.

“Should parents be Facebook friends with their child’s teachers?”

In order to maintain a professional relationship and to keep the educational field regarded with respect, I personally do not think parents should be Facebook friends with their child’s teacher. Communication via email, phone, and even social media are very important in maintaining a relationship between parents and teachers. Many teachers now have a blog or Facebook page parents can follow that has information pertaining specifically to the class and school year. Some teachers may have done the same on Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat. In this manner, we are sharing the great news of their children with their parents but are keeping a respectful partnership to provide the best school year for the child.

In my personal experience I have never seen advantages of parents becoming Facebook friends with a child’s teacher?  Unfortunately, I’ve seen parents send a friend request to teachers who feel obligated to accept because the child is in their class and want to remain in good standing with the parents. When this happens, I’ve also witnessed parents using a teacher’s social life, whereabouts, and associations against them. A teacher’s life outside of school truly has nothing to do with how they teach in the classroom. I’ve also seen parents and teachers create a partnership that promotes success in the child, the most important part of the year. In this case when you have developed a wonderful supportive relationship with your child’s teacher, you are welcome to become Facebook friends after the child has graduated from that teacher’s classroom.

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