A Family Travel Experience

Amy’s Travels-A Family Travel Experience

By Aleah Fedorciw


A book is the best type of toy that anyone can ask for. In mere moments, just about anyone can be swept off into a new world, left to experience the magic that a book has to offer. Before the realization strikes, the book is done and any amount of time may have passed. The best part is, a book is something that can change anyone’s life, whether it is through a new experience, a new worldview, or even language. One book that is perfect to welcome into any family is Amy’s Travels.

Currently in its second publishing, Amy’s Travels, is written by Kathryn Starke, a literacy consultant who effectively teaches teachers and parents how to effectively teach their child reading. This book is a worthwhile adventure for any child, but is primarily geared towards those in first through third grade. By following Amy on all of her adventures, all children have the opportunity to embark upon a trip.

This voyage can occur anywhere, and children have the ability to fly around the world and follow Amy’s adventures. Regardless of the book, reading teaches skills needed in everyday life and allows for children to experience new adventures with just a flip of a page! Amy’s Travels allows children across the world, with the book’s sales of six continents, to experience reading. With every new book, a child’s view expands and they gain a new viewpoint, broadening their horizons. Reading can take place anywhere, be it on an actual book or a Kindle. The convenience that reading has to offer makes it that more appealing.

From the comfort of your sofa, you can fly off to Hogwarts and learn magical spells, live alongside Katniss in the Hunger Games, or travel the world with Amy in Amy’s Travels. A book can offer many things to readers of every age, but has the opportunity to teach young children a life-long skill. With the power of reading under the belt, the talent of reading can broaden horizons, teach commitment, and gives the opportunity to live through a multitude of experiences in moments. Amy’s Travels by Kathryn Starke is available for purchase at Amazon!