Makes an Impact in Education

oak grove author

By Aleah Fedorciw

Nowadays, there are many philanthropic organizations around the world. Each advocates for a different cause and claim to support a community or reason that is close to you and your heart. However, there is one that stands apart from the rest:

Founded by teachers for teachers (although you certainly don’t have to be a teacher to donate), the organization allows projects to be posted that educators would love to have in their classroom, be it a new carpet, new books, or a classroom visit, each project serving to benefit the students.

As the name suggests, it is clearly up to those giving the money to choose where their money is allocated. Instead of simply giving their money to the organization in general, the donors can choose which project to give their money to. Each project posts a goal, and slowly but surely, can aid their fund.

One project schools can receive is a visit from Kathryn Starke, a urban literacy consultant, the founder and CEO of Creative Minds Publications, or copies of her book Amy’s Travels.  As a literacy consultant, Kathryn teaches both parents and teachers how to effectively teach reading. In this role, Kathryn conducts classroom and school-wide visits to ensure that each student is being taught with care and at the level that they deserve. As a former classroom teacher in Title I elementary schools, she wrote her book, Amy’s Travels, in a style geared primarily to children K-3 complete with an accompanying plan; however, it is a worthy read and adventure for those of any age.

Through the professional services of projects are created on a daily basis and people give back to benefit the community and children, the decision maker’s of the future generation. A visit from Kathryn Starke and classroom copies of her book is a worthy example of a great project. After their first success together of a classroom visit with Kathryn along with copies of Amy’s Travels, and Kathryn Starke, look forward to enhance their partnership to benefit the community at large, especially students, teachers, and parents.

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