CMP Creates New Approach to Reading Tutoring

photo[1]Literacy rates in the US continue to remain low for over 80% of fourth graders nationwide. In the 21st century, reading is still an issue that needs to be addressed, which Creative Minds Publications, LLC works 365 days a year to do. If a child struggles in reading at the age of 8 or 9, parents often seek out a reading tutor to work one-on-one with their child. Since parents are a child’s first teacher, we should equip parents with the tools and techniques to work with their sons and daughters to become independent readers. Creative Minds Publications, LLC offers tutoring with parental coaching.

With this format, a one-on-one evaluation is conducted with the child to determine his or her instructional reading level. From this, CMP can provide individualized lessons that will greatly increase the child’s reading level.  In addition to this tailored tutoring, Creative Minds Publications, LLC believes in coaching parents to give them the best strategies to support their child’s reading growth and development. Parents can then add reading tutoring to their own family schedule anytime to address the strengths and challenges of their own child. This approach not only saves money for families but empowers parents to be the best advocates for their children when it comes to school based instruction.

Learning to read is a developmental process and varies from one child to the next.  Whether a child is below, on, or even above grade level, a question I receive often from parents is “should I hire a tutor?”   I can say that one to one attention is desirable in any situation, and reading instruction is no different.  However, for many kindergarteners and first graders, paying for a tutor is not needed quite yet since they are truly an emergent reader.  Ask yourself the following questions to determine if your child really needs a tutor.

  • What is my child’s reading level? Your child’s classroom teacher should have this information readily available.
  • Does my child receive small group instruction in the classroom? Ask your child and your child’s teacher.
  • Does my child struggle in reading?
  • Does my child have difficulty decoding or figuring out words in text?
  • Does my child have difficulty understanding what he or she has read?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, support is definitely what you should find and Creative Minds Publications is excited to work with you. If your child does not receive small group instruction in the classroom and your child struggles in reading this tutoring and parenting coaching model would be in your best interest.   Parents are the best advocates for learning, especially during the summer months and we certainly want to support you, your child’s first teacher!

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