Am I Related to Tony Stark?

It doesn’t matter where I’m speaking or who is the audience of my author visits, I am always asked if I’m related to Tony Stark. Despite the noticeable fact that my last name has a silent e, I decided to do some research to see how similar I just may be to Iron Man.

First off, Tony is the founder and CEO of Stark Industries, a huge corporation focused on technologies. I am the founder and CEO of Creative Minds Publications LLC, a global educational company focused on quality literacy instruction for all children. He has a Master’s degree in electrical engineering, and I have a Master’s degree in Literacy and Culture. He built his company from nothing just like I did. I am a former classroom teacher turn author and businesswoman.

Three traits that Tony and I share? Strength, durability, and inventive for me, in the business of education! And for both of us, loyalty is key in all relationships! Tony Stark is environmentally responsible. Our company has published the book, Turtle Without a Home, an example of environmental literacy! Amy’s Travels represents global awareness and adventure around the world, just as Iron Man does! Finally, Tony Stark is well respected in the business world as I continue to grow in my role as an urban literacy expert in education!

Tony Stark is also a philanthropist, which is one of the most important roles on earth. I absolutely believe that giving back to your community is huge as you will see the community impact that CMP likes to be involved in. So, the next time I’m asked if I’m related to Tony Stark, I may be tempted to say yes and celebrate the fun and excitement in this popular fictional character!